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BWCB Launches Inaugural Year-End Giving Campaign

Consider a gift to BWCB Between 11/28 and 12/31

Join BWCB this Giving Tuesday, November 28th, and become a catalyst for change in the landscape of computational biology for Black women. Your support in our three compelling giving campaigns—Honorariums, Workshops, and Travel—ensures a direct impact on the lives and opportunities of our members.

🌱 Honorarium Fund: Amplify Voices - Uplift our #BlackInCompBio series guest speakers, amplifying their voices and fostering a culture of knowledge exchange.

🌱 Workshop Fund: Cultivate Brilliance - Fuel the growth and advancement of our community through cutting-edge training and development opportunities, nurturing the next generation of leaders and up-skilling for established professionals.

🌱Travel Fund: Soar to New Heights - Facilitate scientific exploration by providing essential support for travel to key meetings, connecting our members with opportunities that propel them forward.

As we reflect on the pivotal year of 2020, BWCB emerged as a force for lasting change. Now, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we're determined to turn our vision into reality. Your lasting support is appreciated, and this Giving Tuesday presents an opportunity to maximize your investment in BWCB's future.

Consider BWCB in your year-end giving either individually or through corporate matching programs. Your contribution, whether a one-time gift or a recurring commitment, propels us closer to a future where #BlackWomenCompBio stands at the forefront of equity for Black women in scientific innovation. All contributions to BWCB are tax-deductible.

TLDR: Donate to BWCB this Giving Tuesday, November 28th (tomorrow), and contribute to one of 3 new funds (Workshops, Honorariums for speakers, and CompBio Conference Travel).

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