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2024 Grantees Announced

BWCB is pleased to formally announce our Inaugural 2024 Grantees! These driven members represent a breadth of professional backgrounds and have already begun using this support to reach their goals in computational biology.

Dr. Marion Adebiyi is an Associate Professor and Researcher in the Computer Science Department at Landmark University in Nigeria. She has been granted the Accelerate Growth grant to partake in a CompBio-related upskilling or career-boosting opportunity.

The two Amplify Travel Grantees receive financial support to attend computational biology meetings worldwide.

Adedolapo Suleiman, MS, is currently a Bioinformatics Intern at Genomac Hub. The Amplify Travel Grant will allow her to attend an African Biogenome Bioinformatics meeting this year.

Ruth Nanjala, MS, is a PhD Student at the University of Oxford. The Amplify Travel Grant will allow her to attend the Global Bioinformatics Education Summit at the New York Genome Center this year.

🙏🏾 We sincerely thank the donors, funders, and community reviewers who worked to bring this vision of BWCB to life. Thank you for investing in our mission and your commitment to #AcceleratingOpportunity with BWCB. With continued support, we look forward to keeping this vision alive for years to come.

Congratulations grantees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can one apply for both grants?
A: Yes, applicants are permitted to apply for both grants simultaneously. Each grant application will undergo a separate review process.


Q: What if the cost of the workshop/registration is unknown?
A: If the precise cost of the workshop or registration is uncertain, applicants should utilize historical data from previous iterations of the workshop to provide an estimate. It is imperative to delineate clearly within the application whether the provided cost is an estimate or the current listed price.


Q: What if I don’t have an abstract prepared due to lack of data or the meeting being in the fall?
A: Applicants are required to submit an abstract for the potential meeting, even if data is lacking or the event is scheduled for the fall. In such cases, applicants are encouraged to draft an abstract focusing on the background and methodology of their proposed research or presentation.


Q: Will the funds be awarded directly to the awardee?
A: No, the awarded funds will not be disbursed directly to the individual awardee. Instead, the BWCB will utilize the awarded funds to directly cover workshop or travel-related expenses on behalf of the recipient.

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