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  • Andrea


    I teach math and stats at a small Canadian college. My background is mathematical biology and number theory. I aim to amplify the voices of Black womxn in STEM by sharing their work in my classroom whenever possible

  • Kelly


    I teach a Computational Modeling course for 11th and 12th grade students at a high school in NYC, and I'm seeking lots of varied sources to contribute to what we see and do in the class. Students are especially interested in what kind of careers this work could connect to because they usually haven't thought about many of the topics in this class before! The class is offered through the science department at my school and is also focused on social justice topics once we get past some initial intro-to-coding work. This group seems amazing! And thank you for the things you have available for us to learn from! ❤️

  • Sarah


    I recently graduated with my PhD in Genome Sciences and now work as a computational biologist/data scientist at a biotech company.
    I am happy to talk about applying to graduate school and transitioning from academia to biotech.

  • Kenneth


    We need our young women to know you exists. Unfortunately, mainstream media is not going to highlight the scientific and engineering achievements of Black Women. We must share this information through social media.

  • Dennis


    I am a computational scientist in the precision medicine space aiming to mentor.

  • Arjun


    I am a postdoc in statistical genetics and received my PhD working on human population genetics. I would be happy to contribute as a mentor or collaborator.

  • Rebecca


    mentoring around inclusive undergrad teaching, writing teaching statements, writing diversity statements. Colleague of Dr. Nyasha Chambwe.

  • Erik


    I am a feminist anti-racist cis white male computational biologist.

  • Lucia


    Thank you for allowing allies to join!!!!! Together we are stronger. Resist! Much love for all of you.

  • Demi


    I would like to help connect Black Women with, internships, and job openings, and general networking in the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics pharma community!

  • Larry


    Interested in training or faculty positions at the University of Colorado? Please reach out. Also a member of the International Society of Computational Biology's equity, diversity and inclusion committee. Happy to provide advice or mentoring, too.

  • Shane


    I am a hiring manager and would like to post jobs here.

  • Cynthia


    I’m an Administrator for Computational Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I’m interested in recruiting and supporting black womxn in the fields of computational oncology, physics, and engineering. We are currently recruiting on all levels. I look forward to helping the community and having a meaningful partnership between MSK and your network.

  • Karthik


    Looking to mentor, collaborate and be involved in any capacity that is helpful.

  • Lorin


    I am happy to mentor, collaborate, and/or help in any general way that I can

  • Aruna


    Hi, I am a Computational Science Recruiter at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and would like to help your network with collaborating with our scientists and also find positions within our labs. Please accept my request to join your network. I look forward to helping the community.

  • qing


    I would like to be a mentor and/ or collaborate

  • Binglan


    I am hoping to learn the scientists and hopefully collaborate in the future.

  • Bryce

    van de Geijn

    I would like to be a mentor. I have experience in Statistical Genetics and modeling of genetic variation with small sample size RNA-seq and ChIP-seq. I can also talk about the transition to industry and the scientific research opportunities there.

  • Kevin


    I'd like to be a mentor and collaborate with researchers!

Community. Collaboration. Pan-diaspora Science Communication.

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